What to Make with Sock Yarn (besides socks)

Who doesn't love gorgeous skeins of hand dyed sock yarn? While creating a pair of socks is always a great small project, there are many other worthy designs to pursue. 

woman knitting with yarn background

We've rounded up 10 of our favorite possibilities, below. 

Boho Chic "Mosaic Bracelets"  crochet pattern by Jennifer Renaud 

I love the look of these bracelets. Wouldn't they be cute with cut-off denim shorts and flip-flops? Or with a chambray dress?  

Sock Arms sweater knitting pattern by Stephanie Lotven 

One could have so much fun creating interesting looks with different types of sock yarn. You could also add sleeves to an existing jersey t-shirt if you wanted to do a DIY hack. 

Jelly Rings knitting pattern by Melody Johnson

These rings would make for a great baby shower gift, but I could also see creating a long chain and hanging them artfully on the wall as decor. A sophisticated colorway could look very chic as art, or a colorful one could be darling in a kids room -- perhaps strung with lights. 

Rock It Tee knitting pattern by Tanis Lavallee

I really want to make myself some of these tee's in various yarns. What a perfect wardrobe staple. 

Knot Today knitting pattern by Skeinanigans

I love the color build of the below tank, but this relaxed style would also be great in a tonal yarn. 

Desert Stroll crochet pattern by Knits N Knots 

This little crop top has a great neckline and the texture of the fabric would allow for a bra, too.  

 Better Than Basic Ringer crochet pattern by Stephanie Erin 

What a cute way to use variegated fingering weight yarn. I love the contrasting neckline and sleeves -- reminiscent of baseball tees. 

En Route One-Skein Hat & Mittens knitting pattern by ForestCityKG Designs

Nice to have a hat and gloves in lighter fingering weight yarn. 


Tesselate -- One Skein Summer Scarf knitting pattern by Michelle May

This pattern is so elegant with its combination of garter stitches and lace in a stacked triangle design. Simple but chic.

Mini Skein Infinity Scarf cowl knitting pattern by Julianne Cole

Love all the colors in this pretty infinity cowl. Endless opportunities to make it your own via interesting yarn choices.

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