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Make Your Own Trendy Wall Hanging with Knitting and Crochet

12 wall hanging patterns to knit and crochet - make your own wall art

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've noticed that macrame, woven, and tufted wall art are trending. (Want to learn more? See online articles on macrame here, weaving trends here, and tufted wall art here). Essentially, these various techniques are all ways of creating a wall tapestry. 

While I want to learn to weave and tuft and macrame (actually, I dabbled in macrame a few years ago and put together some macrame tutorials, too), it turns out, I don't need to master a new hobby in order to make my own fiber wall art. I can use my existing knitting and crochet skills and make something right now (and so can you).

While this is unlikely to deter me from exploring new crafting endeavors, it's exciting to realize I can get started making with my current skill set.

I've rounded up some patterns for DIY-ing your own tapestries using knitting or crochet, below. 

Scandia Wall Hanging, Knitting project by Emily Sheehan

scandia knitted wall hanging pattern

This sophisticated, modern wall hanging packs a visual punch, despite its simplicity. The pattern is for super bulky weight yarn and includes a video tutorial for the loop stitch. 

GRL PWR Wall Hanging, Knitting project by Lauren Aston Designs

girl power knitting tapestry wall hanging pattern - female empowerment through knitting

This fabulous free knitting pattern was created to celebrate International Women’s Day. Colorful and bold, just like many girls we admire. The pattern uses super bulky yarn and includes videos, as well as written and gridwork pattern versions.  

Laomai Knit Tapestry, Knitting project by AddisonJames Knits 

laomai knitted wall hanging pattern

Designer Addison James created this knitted tapestry project during the early days of Covid, when we were all sequestered in our homes and scared to death. She notes that the word "laomai" is Greek¬†and means ‚Äúto heal, cure, restore; to bring safely through.‚Ä̬†A lovely sentiment for an equally lovely piece of wall art. The pattern calls for worsted weight yarn.

Pin Pennant, Knitting project by Billy and Baa

pin pennant knitting pattern

Here's a clever Pin Pennant project for all you collectors out there (see our own selection, here). It would be fun to coordinate yarn color choices with your pins, don't you think? This pattern uses worsted weight yarn.

Iona Wall Hanging, (another) Knitting project by Emily Sheehan

iona knitted wall hanging pattern

This textural piece combines knitting and some light weaving. The color combo is great and the surface variety keeps it interesting to look at. The pattern is for bulky yarn (see our colorways, here) and includes some video tutorials, too.  

Bassin-Bleu Wall Hanging, Knitting project by DeBrosse

 bassin-bleu knitting pattern

The wave-like stitching on this piece makes for a calming pattern. This wall hanging uses bulky yarn (see our colorways, here). 

Lemon Daisy Wall Hanging, Crochet project by Love & Stitch

lemon daisy wall hanging crochet pattern

Two things on trend right now (besides wall hangings): daisies and lemons. Bam! Here's a slam-dunk pattern for you. It would be adorable in a kitchen, right? This pattern uses worsted weight yarn.

Basket Wall Hanging Planter, Crochet project by Bethany Deardon

basket wall hanging crochet pattern © Bethany Dearden

This super cute crochet pattern would look great hanging indoors or out. Just pop an air plant in the pocket and you have yourself a lovely wall object. The pattern calls for worsted weight yarn, and has instructions for three basket sizes, too. 

Talking Bird, Crochet project by Louise Razanov

Talking (swearing) Bird crochet pattern -- mature content

Okay, so we love this wall hanging. Cheeky and fun, I think it would also make a fab pillow. Birds, by the way, are special to us. In fact, Mr. Global Backyard has authored two books about birds with his illustrations and snarky writing. And lots and lots of swearing. If you have a sense of humor that includes satire and naughty words, you might want to check them out (here are affiliate links to his first and second book, and his bird journal, too). And also, crochet this project. LOL.   

Boho Wall Hanging - Seascape, Crochet project by Valerie Rodrigues

seascape boho crochet wall hanging pattern

This colorful "Seascape" wall hanging based on the granny square does evoke the beach in these bright colors. It would look nice with many casual decor styles, and would be a terrific addition to a beach cabin. The pattern calls for worsted weight yarn.

Boss Babe Wall Hanging, Crochet project by Jaded Crafts & Creations

boss babe wall hanging crochet pattern

This graphic, modern wall hanging is another female empowerment art piece that we love. This pattern calls for aran weight yarn. 

Crafty Boho Wall Hanger, Crochet project by Ashley Stallsworth 


This sweet round project would look great in a country cottage, a child's bedroom, or perhaps on the wall of a bathroom. The pattern calls for aran weight yarn. 

Itching to do some fiber shopping? Check out our hand dyed yarn and accessories here. 

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