FREE Succulent Hearts Printable for National Embroidery Month

We've created a fun printable we're calling Love Succs in honor of all our cacti friends and human BFFs that are similarly obsessed with succulents. We're sharing it in time for a Galentine's Day project should you be so inclined.

succulent heart embroidery close up image

It's easy to do some small and quick embroidery DIYs with these designs by printing out the PDF on adhesive Sulky  (affiliate link) -- a great product that works in your home ink-jet printer.

sulky fabri-solvy stick printable for embroidery

You just print out your PDF, cut out your chosen design with a regular pair of scissors, and then stick it right onto your fabric by pulling off the adhesive back. And don't worry -- it isn't so sticky that it gums up your needle. 

You can stitch right through it, and when you're done, it dissolves away in water. We've found it works best if you soak it in a cereal bowl with cold water for a couple of hours, then just gently squeeze it out and put it on a towel to dry. It's really rather magical and so very simple. 

The example below uses muslin fabric in a 4" hoop, and 3 strands of DMC floss with a satin stich. 

close up of one succulent heart embroidery

These designs are small enough where doing free-form embroidery is just fine (and not overwhelming). We used a few simple stitch techniques, including the running stitch, the split stitch, and a satin stitch. We link to some video tutorials if you're new to it, but you can really do your own thing with these. Just fill them in or outline with some color and they'll be adorable. 

Click the photo below to download your copy now! 

free printable of succulent hearts to embroider or color

These designs are also perfect for coloring in and then using for card making or scrapbooking. You might even print a few copies and test out some colors before you embroider them.

If you printed these onto cardstock, they would be super cute to cut out and use on a handmade card. You could add in a tiny real-life potted succulent or cactus and you would have a sweet Valentine's Day gift. 

Whatever you do, please share it with us on Instagram (@globalbackyard) and tag us with #globalbackyard. We love to see all of your creations. 


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