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Crafting for Activism -- Knitting & Crochet Patterns

As the latest political events brought to us by SCOTUS are rocking our world (and not in a good way), I thought I'd take a look at patterns and resources for those who want to do something (besides vote; you MUST vote, okay?). Creating an item that makes a statement might help channel some rage into something constructive. 

Knitting & Crochet Patterns 

The Yarnmaid's Tale - knitting pattern 

yarnmaid's tale knitting pattern on ravelry

Designer Heather Boyd has created this scarf knitting pattern with a secret hood as an homage to the Handmaid Tale television show. Perhaps a good accessory for some activities you might be involved in soon? 

The Uterus Drawstring Bag - crochet pattern 

uterus drawstring bag crochet pattern on ravelry

This drawstring bag crochet pattern designed by Pia Thadani makes a statement. Of it, she says: "What you put into it and when you take it out are nobody else’s business. Store whatever you like in your uterus drawstring bag, and for as long as you like." Yes, indeed. 

LGBTQ+Equality for Shawl - knitting pattern 

LGBTQ flag shawl knitting pattern

This LGBTQ+ Equality shawl knitting pattern by NYC Craft Craftivist combines both the colorful rainbow of the LGBTQ flag, along with the lesser known trans flag colors. 

UPDATE: They have also created a free knitting pattern specifically in regards to the Roe vs. Wade situation: it's called the Roe 1973 Hat, which emblazons the date it originally became settled law (1973). In the before-times.

1973 Roe Hat by nycraftivist

The Handmaid's Tale - amigurumi crochet pattern 

The Handmaid's Tale Amigurumi Crochet Doll Pattern image 3

This amigurumi doll pattern by Kamina Kapow on Etsy sadly seems like a fitting of-the-moment totem. 

The PussyHat Project - knitting pattern 

pussyhat project designer kat coyle

Perhaps the most famous knitting pattern of the last few years is the now-iconic PussyHat Project, a knitted pink hat with cat ears put out by designer Kat Coyle and made and worn by half-a-million women at the Washington, DC protests after the 2016 election.

Pussyhat - crochet pattern 

pussyhat crochet pattern

This crochet pattern by Brittany Harrell was also created in support of the march. 

Piece de Resistance Mittens - knitting pattern 

piece de resistance mitten knitting pattern

This mitten knitting pattern by Bristol Ivy donates pattern funds to a number of rotating agencies that work to make life better for people.

BLM Yarn Bomb Banner - crochet pattern 

BLM yarn bomb banner crochet pattern on ravelry

Designer Diana Picon has created a crocheted BLM banner pattern that you can make and post on a pole or tree near you. All proceeds from the download pattern are donated to the BLM movement; there is also a free website pattern. 

Other Resources for Crafty Action

If you want to make your thoughts known to your local Senators, which I encourage, you can find their phone numbers online here

A wonderful book I've been reading that delves into the history of knitting, which includes knitting used by spies in WWII, yarn-bombing and more, is titled The Power of Knitting, by Loretta Napoleoni.

The power of knitting book cover

It is worth your time. You can buy it at the link (which is an affiliate link for indie bookstores), or you can likely check it out from your local library.

For general "do something" assistance, there are some great craft-based projects from Sarah Corbett, activist, author and founder of the Craftivist Collective, a group whose goal is to provide a gentle path to activism. You can learn more by reading their manifesto here. They have a list of craft projects that help you share your thoughts with the world through making.

Do you have other suggestions for taking some Craftivism action? Maybe some favorite knitting or crochet patterns that fit in here? Please share in the comments. 

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craftivism patterns to knit and crochet - round-up from global backyard yarn





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