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Surface Crochet Chevron Border For Ruby and Charley Cactus Crochet Kits

We're happy to have our friend Pia Thadani writing a series of three sponsored guest posts embellishing our amigurumi cactus kits. In the first, below,  she shows you how to surface crochet. This technique can be applied to any of your finished crochet and knitting projects. (You might also like Project 2: Needle Felting and Project 3: Crocheted Face Applique).


Project 1: Surface Crochet Photo Tutorial

By Pia Thadani

(scroll down to the bottom for video tutorial)


hero for surface crochet


















Ruby and Charley are amigurumi cactus kits from Global Backyard Industries. They’re perfectly adorable all on their own, but I’m the type that always has to add my own personal touch. I've created a chevron border tutorial to do just that, complete with a video (embedded at the end of this post). 

plain cacti

To create the chevron border, you’ll need the yarn needle and crochet hook from the kit, plus a couple of things that aren’t included in the kit:

  • 2-5 yds of a DK / light worsted weight yarn
  • 1-2 yds of dental floss, thread, or thin/slippery yarn

pic of materials

Sewing in a guide line

Before doing anything with surface crochet, I like to sew in a “guide” line. I find that makes it much easier to stay on track and make sure I’m putting my hook where I need to. It also allows me to easily make adjustments. If needed, before I start crocheting. Dental floss works particularly well for this because it’s thin and slippery, which means it will come out easily afterwards.

The stitches of the pot form diagonal lines, so I formed the chevron by following along those lines, in the spaces between the stitches. I did have to adjust slightly at the end to make it meet the starting point. At the top and bottom of each chevron, I made one horizontal stitch before changing directions.

guideline pic

Surface crochet

Join your yarn with a slip stitch in the same place the guideline started.

join yarn pic

Following along the line you made, work slip stitches across the surface of the pot. For each stitch, insert your hook back into the spot it just came out of, and then bring it up again in the next space along the line. To finish the slip stitch, yarn over and pull through the loop on your hook.

surface crochet photo

Repeat until you get all the way around, fasten off, and use the yarn needle to create a seamless join. Pass the needle under both legs of the first slip stitch, then back down through the center of the last slip stitch.

    seamless join duo

Finish by weaving in the tails, and removing the guideline. See the video tutorial for much more detailed, step by step instructions. 

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photo of piaPia Thadani is a knit and crochet designer, teacher, and all around  fiber addict. She’s passionate about creating, and loves to share that passion with others. You can find an extensive collection of patterns, tutorials, and more on her blog at








Global Backyard Industries

Hi Janice, yes, please do share on Pinterest and anywhere else you would like to! So glad you enjoyed the video from our friend Pia. She is terrific!

Janice Chrostoski

I was wondering if I could share this on Pinterest. That’s where I saved all my stuff. I love your work. You are very good. I hope you have a great day. Oh by the way I love cactas.


Love the idea of embellishing the kits! Very cute!

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