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Have you been bitten by the adult coloring bug? When I first saw a friend of mine with an easel dedicated to coloring books set up in her apartment, I was surprised (I'm the crafty type, but she's not so much -- she started coloring for relaxation). Shortly after this I began noticing coloring books everywhere. 

In fact, according to Nielsen Bookscan, about 12 million adult coloring books were sold in 2015, as opposed to a mere 1 million in 2014. Those are some pretty impressive numbers, right? This is all somewhat nostalgic for me, as when I was a kid in the 70's, my Mom would take me to the University of Washington bookstore and they had a whole section with really complicated "adult" coloring type books that I used to love looking at. I guess they were a bit of a thing then, too. Lots of complicated geometric's and stained glass type designs. All of this started me thinking about possibilities -- like maybe my husband and I should design a book of our own. I mean, why not? 

We started brainstorming about what we like and what wasn't out there -- and viola! Our coloring book for grown-ups -- Succulent Serenity -- was born.  

You can buy it on, or if you'd like to color in one of the drawings for free first, sign up for our newsletter and receive a PDF download to print. Here's a video flip-through of the book:


We are hard at work putting together more coloring books. Stay tuned! And if you'd like, subscribe to our email list. Let us know in the comments what type of art work you like to color.


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