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The Accidental Scarf in Lime 'n Coconut

Accidental Free Form Scarf in Lime 'n Coconut GIF


This scarf started out as a small swatch. I realized at about 4" that I needed to knit more in order to show the color gradient, and so the Accidental Scarf was born -- free-form style. 

It uses just one hank of our Lime 'n Coconut sock yarn, which is so deliciously squishy and soft it will be perfectly splendid for winter neck warming. 

Lime 'n Coconut Sock Yarn


Want to make one of your own? Here's how I made mine (I am not a pattern writer -- but this gives you the idea -- as this is a free-form scarf feel free to change up your patterning as you wish).

  • Using size 3 knitting needles, cast on 40 stitches using the long-tail cast on. 
  • Knit four rows in garter stitch. 
  • Row 5: knit the first four stitches, knit 32 stitches, and knit the last four stitches. Row 6: knit the first four stitches, purl 32 stitches, knit the last four stiches.
  • Repeat rows 5 and 6 for 300 rows, then start inserting single rows of purls into your pattern every fourth row 6 times.
  • After 6 repeats skip 8 rows and then do three row of purls -- do this 4 times.
  • After your 4 repeats skip 8 rows and then purl four rows and repeat four more times.
  • End the scarf with four rows of purling all the way across. 
  • Knit in your ends.



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