This pair of 6" latching boxes holds a large stack of quilting charm squares -- perfect fabric organizers
These boxes stack together nicely
Easily see what type of fabric you have in the see-through boxes
Add some notions to the containers, too, or use them to store sewing notions like bobbins and thread
Look at how much fabric can fit in each container -- a nice thick stack
6" Storage Boxes for Sewing and Crafts Organization -- Set of Two
These six inch boxes are the perfect size for storing your origami and scrapbook paper, too
They easily hold well over 500 sheets of origami paper in each one
Two containers come in this set

6" Storage Boxes for Sewing and Crafts Organization -- Set of Two

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This set of two 6x6-inch clear latching boxes are a terrific organizational solution for all types of craft supplies. As they are acid free, they're perfect for paper storage, and they are also just the right size to hold fabric charm packs for quilt making and small projects. 

Excellent sewing and notions containers. Portable and stackable, too.


  • 2-PACK OF STACKING ORGANIZERS: Two six inch clear boxes are compact and acid-free. Their interior measures 6.2 x 6.6 x 2.1 inches; the exterior dimensions are 6.75" x 7.5".
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: Terrific and archival solution for all types of paper crafting, rubber stamps, small scissors, fabric, quilt, sewing and knitting notions. 
  • QUALITY DESIGN: In addition to being acid-free and translucent, these boxes have latches that stay closed, and they have quality back hinges that won't break with normal use.
  • SMART DESIGN: The corners of the box are rounded and slightly larger than the raised bottom interior, allowing one to more easily remove contents by being able to fit your index finger down the side and grasp the contents.
  • TRANSLUCENT: The polypropylene plastic is see-through so you'll be able to view what's in each box stacked on your shelf, desk, or in your project bin.

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