Gift for Knitters and Crocheters - Pencil Set with Fun Puns
Seven pencil set for knitters - seven different sayings and fun puns about yarn, knitting and crochet
pencil set for knitters and crocheters with fun sayings like "yarned and dangerous" and "just one more row"
Novelty Yarn-themed Pencil Set is a Great Gift for Knitters and Crocheters

Pencil Set for Knitters and Crocheters - Seven different fun sayings expressing "Yarn Love"

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Pet peeve: pencils that don’t write and erase properly. When we had these made, they needed to be good. We promise these are high quality, making nice bold marks. And the eraser, well — it erases well.

Our seven pencil set has seven different sayings for fiber fans. Are you "Feeling Superfine"? Perhaps it's a "Yarned and Dangerous" kind of day. Or maybe you need to achieve "Just One More Row." Any way you slice it, "Serious Ballers" will be sure to appreciate this little collection. Fun to pair with our journals or add to a gift for your knitting or crocheting BFFs.

We make sure you get them in tip-top shape by packing them in padded mailers.


  • You get 7 quality #2 hardwood pencils in 7 different colors with white erasers. All made in the USA.
  • Unique sayings for yarn fans on each pencil, embossed in gold foil lettering. 
  • Pencil sentiments are :
  1. YARN IS MY SPIRIT ANIMAL (sea foam green)
  2. YARNED AND DANGEROUS (turquoise)
  3. JUST ONE MORE ROW (bubblegum pink)
  5. NO SKEIN NO GAIN (pastel pink)
  6. SERIOUS BALLER (gray)
  7. EAT. SLEEP. LOOP. REPEAT. (white)

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