6-Pack of Pin-back Buttons
6-Pack of Pin-back Buttons
6-Pack of Pin-back Buttons
6-Pack of Pin-back Buttons

6-Pack of Pin-back Buttons

$ 7.99

Get all six of our Colorful Characters! These pin-back buttons come in a little reusable cotton drawstring bag.

We worked with a local illustrator to help us create the artwork for these buttons, and we're sweet on all of them. 

Purchase includes: 

  • Mister Lllama -- Our Bow-Tied Sweatered Fellow (1.5") 
  • Undercover Kitty -- Our Cosplay Loving Knitty Kitty (1.5")
  • Narwhal Paul -- The Unicorn of the Sea (1.5")
  • Ms. T -- The Dancing Teapot (3/4" mini)
  • Ginger the Movie Star -- Named in honor of one of our favorite Gilligan's Island characters (3/4" mini)
  • Rainbow Gal -- Our mischievous friendly rainbow who proudly embraces everybody (3/4" mini)
  • Mini Project Bag -- Our 6"x8" cotton drawstring reusable bag packaging. Perfect as a gift, for crafty storage, or even as a reusable snack bag for your lunch. 

Fun flair for your backpacks, project bags, denim and pin boards. Each button comes individually packaged on its own backer card and is perfect for gifts. Keep three, give three. Buttons made entirely in the USA, from design through production, with the help of other small businesses.

Alternatively, you might like to purchase our Colorful Characters Trio -- it doesn't include the 3 mini buttons, or the handy reusable drawstring bag. Just the three full-size buttons.  

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