Create Your Own Art with Color & Hang Wall Art Panels

We are excited about a brand new product that helps you create your own wall art. We call it the Color & Hang Wall Art Panel, and are really proud of how the first batch in the Desert Kilim design came out. We are working with a small, family-run manufacturer in Oregon and we are really happy with the high quality work they've produced for us.  

These are made from real birch wood and already have a clear gesso finish on them, which means they are primed and ready to be painted or colored with pencils or pens (alcohol based markers work best) straight out of the shrink-wrap. We've never seen products quite like these and we think they're really cool. 

They are artwork all by themselves, but you can change their look to match your home or be in your favorite colors. I could see these being a very fun group project, too. Kind of like those places you go to drink wine and paint a canvas. (Hmmm, I think maybe I need to have some ladies over soon...)

We only made a small number to see how people like them; if all goes well we will add more designs and sizes. Early feedback has been terrific! From a reviewer on Amazon:

Desert Kilim Color & Hang Wall Art Panel testimonial 

We've been experimenting with a variety of pens & pencils.

coloring pens & pencils

Our faves: 

  • Sakura Permapaque Paint Pens -- 1.00mm fine point pens (these are super vibrant colors that glide right onto the wood)
  • Pilot Gold Marker -- an extra fine point paint marker in metallic gold (this also looks AMAZING)
  • Derwent Inktense -- colored pencils (there is a lot of pigment in these and they go on really nicely...also, one can then dip a q-tip in just a tiny bit of water and paint over the colored pencil for a watercolor effect -- it's super easy and gives really nice effects)




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